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Hellooo!..My name is Mathy,DSC_0346

Most millennials find it hard to sell their professional image and attract the right opportunities that make them happy. For awhile I was the same, dumbed it down and lost my voice. My mission is to inspire millennials transition from their unhappy 9-5 and embrace their creative callings. Maybe this is you – a young professional millennial who;

  • Realises after a major life crisis it´s time for a career change. (Family, Illness, grief, losing your home, quitting your job.ect..)
  • Wants to make a career change but not exactly sure how to make the jump without risking it all?
  • Work has lost it´s meaning. You want to find fulfilment and feel valued
  • Knows the job is good but there´s more to life than this
  • Wants to reinvent your identity not just your career
  • Would like to map out your career direction 
  • Wants to know how to position yourself and find a company that lines up with your value

 You can start with inspirational weekly GoodmorningMathy videos ,  Coaching and Mentoring sessions with Mathy or the read the book ¨Quit or Embrace your job¨ I’ll  teach you how to transition with ease, 

      see you soon!    

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                           Mathy Lisika-Minsende 


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It’s sometimes called a “quarter-life crisis”. But call it whatever you want, it doesn’t change the fact that, deep down, you know you could be doing something else, something better. Get your first free chapter here.



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  I will teach you some of the best tools Ive used over the

last 15 years to help your career transition.

Need help mapping out your direction? I can do that. Perhaps, you may be curious about business and freelancing or have a hobby you´d like to pursue professionally. Let me help

Let me help you create the lifestyle and attain that creative mindset. Via 1-1 Coaching or group training.

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