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A community and lifestyle, for the creative mind.


Hellooo!..My name is Mathy,DSC_0346

 I help creatives transition from their unhappy 9-5 and embrace their creative callings .

Most creatives find it hard to sell their professional and creative image and attract the right opportunites. For awhile I dumbed it down and lost my voice. I intend to inspire others to rise to the challenge.

Whether you are Freelancing, want to use your creativity in your career or start a creative business.Why not join my community, and create the lifestyle and creative thinking mindset.  

You can start here or at join me London Creative Networking  or join one of my masterclasses and l’ll  teach you how to transition with ease, 

    see you soon!    


                              Mathy Lisika-Minsende 


  The journey begins here!   mathy red cover with image


It’s sometimes called a “quarter-life crisis”. But call it whatever you want, it doesn’t change the fact that, deep down, you know you could be doing something else, something better. Get your first free chapter here.







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