3 decisions that will change your year

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3 Decisions that will completely change your year

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Today I’m talking about You, your career choice and a personal relationship investment.
There’s no wasting time this year, if you want to be in a different spot than the one you were in last year. These are my recommendations:

  1. Choose your career wisely
  2. Put as much energy in finding the right partner as the energy you put in your work. Being open to trying new hobbies will really open doors for you to meet someone like-minded.
  3. Always choose yourself above anything and anyone else.

*Learning to say no is good for your wellbeing
* You cannot help other people unless you begin with yourself
*Listen to your own intuition

All these choices work hand- in-hand.  So which will you focus on the most this year?


See you soon!     

Mathy Lisika-Minsende

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