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_20140302_111116     Mathy is a creative mentor, career and lifestyle motivator, founder of Whathejobisthis blog and host her online-show #GoodmorningMathy. Her passion is to help creative millennials embrace their calling. She is the author of Quit or embrace your job crisis”  With, 15 yrs experience in the careers industry and a lifelong experience in the creative world. Using social media, she has built a portfolio career and business on zero budget. Other Achievements includes: Winner of JCI speaking competition and Tedxsquaremile – keynote Speaker at Excll Graduate’s fair- Delivers leadership training up and down the UK. She is known by other experts as being engaging and forward thinking because of her unique  ability to advance clients with modern career-techniques using branding and social media. Furthermore, her remarkable storytelling ability has been presented at national conferences. Trilingual Mathy grew up in a very multicultural household. By age 3 she was on a plane and lived almost everywhere. From Paris, Belgium, South Africa, Congo, UK, Ireland. She attended TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa.) In her early days, she was an athlete, vocalist and model. She loves technology, fashion, blogging, cultural events, her nieces and nephews but most of all cupcakes. YouTube Preview Image   Mathy Lisika-


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If you are a creative individual in need of coaching, for career transition, boost your confidence or a company who needs a speaker, trainer, host to engage an audience and boost your client’s performance? Then Mathy is the woman for you.   You can use the VCIta forms to contact me or drop me an e-mail at Whathejobisthis@gmail.com

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Mathy Lisika-Minsende 

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