Am I too old to be an artist

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Am I too old to be…………. an artist? Am I too old to be an artist? Hmmmmm?

I hear this question asked all the time by other artists about being too old to start anything. Now this advice does not just apply if you’re an artist, it applies across the board, if you’re in your 30ies or probably late 20ies and you want to start something that really speaks to you. This however, does not exclude you if you’re older.


Inside the artist’s mind – The dialogue

“ Am I too old? but what you mean is; will I fit in? Will I be relevant? Who will appreciate my craft?  I keep thinking to myself” What is it that holds them back? Is it fear? Is it something they’ve heard from their mum, their teachers, their dad, or their friends? Or even mainstream media (very likely)? To be honest, it’s a pretty false statement. I think the reason for some of these false conclusion is the lack of up to date knowledge on personal-branding, and shameless, self-promotion.


Feeling too old to shine –  I know some of you can relate to this, You’ve been talented since you’ve been able to crawl but after neglecting to embrace your gift for so long, you wonder if it’s even possible. If you are even relevant in this huge wide world. Who will listen to you? The industry that you’ve ran after for years has a status quo, so high, you can barely tip-toe to reach it.  Plus, if you haven’t been producing or creating for a while, there is a mad sense of frustration that keeps eating you inside and the fear gets bigger.


I get it. I gave myself permission to start being creative when I was 30 but I published my first book at 35.  Also I didn’t have any mentor or role models at the time, who have made it past the age of 30.

So after doing a bit of digging and speaking to a couple of other creative friends on this matter, I found a whole list of exemplary people online who blew-up when they turned 30.


First of all: Sheryl Crow Musician- 31
This lady here Susan Boyle- Singer  47
Jennifer Lopez- Singer and Actor 30
( Bill Withers) “Ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone….” 34
And finally J K Rowling published author 32

How to be relevant again

So here is a few things in this day and age that you can do if you’re 30-plus and you feel like you’re too old to get out there and start a career that really make sense to you or speaks to you.


  1. First build your own fan base. Whaaaaaaat! Yeah, build your own fan-base, build your own community of people who adore you, find you amazing love your work, just love your craft and are always complementing and eager to follow what you’re doing. Every step of the way, build that fan base.
  2. Two. Use social media to showcase your talent, use social media to build your personal identity/ Brand. You can do this through things like vlogging, so videos like what I do all the time and showcase what you are able to do, or you can blog. You can take photos of your work to show how you can do what you’re doing?



Yep, so did I . I was terrified!!!!! Proper.

I get it. Social media is pretty scary, You’re pretty exposed, everybody can see what you’re doing and if you’re doing pretty rubbish, they’re going to put negative comments. That can happen. Fortunately for you, you will live! I promise. So what I mean is just give it a go, you’re never going to know until you try.


 Bonus tip

Finally (not Mentioned in my video). Repurpose yourself. If you haven’t created anything in awhile just remember the gift isn’t dead. It’s dormant. Time to re-pump some air into those flat wheels. Create a buzz online, update your website, talk to your existing audience. Even if it’s just your mum, dog and cat. Whoever bigs you up, is who you should start with. Then look for places where people will appreciate your art.  Approach, individuals, groups, organization, commercial places that have your audience.  Then let the rest of the world.


You don’t have to be a worldwide, renown artist to be successful, eat, and live comfortably. Just find a small audience who will be loyal till the end.  Stop caring about keeping up with everyone else. As my uncle Fero always says “If you’re not happy about something, don’t complain. Make a decision and change the things you are unhappy about.”

The answer you should be asking from now on instead of : “Am I too old”  is ; “Am I  willing and ready to repurpose myself” so that age is no longer a factor.

So that’s it from me, my name is Mathy. If you connected in the message in this video and you feel you’re too old to start anything, I want you to tell me the reason why, in the comment below.   Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and video as always?

See you soon!    

Mathy Lisika-Minsende 



Jeniffer Lopez big break 1997-1999 (born in 199 do the maths)


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