Weekly motivation.

What motivates you? 


Whenever I read things like this:

“thank you for inspiring me mathy you have no idea what you did to me today,i said to God today that i wanted to die then i watched your you tube vidéo and you gave me hope and you helped me see things differently. You are lifting people’s spirit but most of all you are saving lives, perhaps not always physicaly but must of all mentally you saved mine tonight and i wana thank you “
From K.

Man……… I get all fired up!

I love making motivational videos on Youtube series GoodMorningMathy. I never knew it would have this much impact on others. When I read this in my inbox the other day, it made me cry. WhathejobisthisTV is Career inspiration and lifestyle solutions. What motivates excites me even more is that I’d like to add more value to your life. So why not Sign-up to receive weekly updates. Everything you ever wanted to ask me Q&A – Hot Tips – Webinar – expert interviews and events. I promise to share my personal experience, succecc stories, and my research. I will never bore you but I guarantee quality, entertaining and the most informative creative content. So you can find a career and live a life that makes you happy!

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