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So you are a Professional Millennial and need Coaching and Mentoring because :

  • Of  a major life crisis it was time for a career change.
  • Wants to know how to make the jump without risking it all?
  • You want to find fulfilment and feel valued
  • Knows the job is good but there´s more to life than this
  • Wants to reinvent your identity not just your career
  • Would like to map out your career direction

I love working with millennials to bring clarity to their current work.  In order for me to that, there’s a few things I’d like to ask: ” where are you now, and where do you see yourself going?” It’s always good to work on a mutually beneficial agreement so you can reach the same results. I hope I can help you. Here’s what you need to do, please answer all the questions to help me determine where you are.

Let´s begin

  1. What do you currently do? Professional, student, Parents employed?2 What situations caused you to want to work with me?
  2. Where are you going? What do you want? What is your goal?
  3. What are your current barriers? What kind of potential obstacle could arise as a result of coaching?
  4. Have you had coaching before? Was it recent?
  5. Have you made previous investment with 1-2-1 or group coaching?
  6. Knowing that coaching and professional support service could take 1 month – a year are you prepared to  make that commitment?

If you´ve answered yes then apply for a 15min Free assessment by filling in the coaching forms  following this link

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See you soon!    

Mathy Lisika-Minsende