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Help!!!!!!! I need a profesional Bio.

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Does your BIO make you feel miserable?

So much so, that you just want to scream and shout “Help!!!! I need a professional BIO.  This personal introduction thing is so complicated! Right? I mean do you even need an introduction to let someone know who you are? What you do? Hey I’m over here! Please pay attention to me.  I really need to get notice. Is that even necessary?

Well…….. it is, considering the way in which we now communicate in this digital and social age.  If anything you need to adapt your career-strategy to the current changes in 2013  perhaps even 2014 and 2015. Your old Job-hunting methods has to go. If you don’t believe me read and watch “NO Career strategy, No Pants”  You should never get tired of updating or adapting to new skills. We only stop learning when we’re dead.

So at my last cv workshop the biggest stumbling blocks the attendees had was written Bio Aka( Personal statement, Personal Profile Bio for Resume’s and online BIO.

So let me show you a method that has worked for me from my 12 years experience and 2 years learning more on Social media  How to write your biography.

So Let us write a Bio like a pro?

If  your CV is your accessory, your personal profile is your introduction. Everybody knows that a bad introduction leaves a lasting impression just as a good one.

This is where a lot of people tend to fail and tend to be very weak at.

The purpose of a Bio- make a lasting impression so tell a story. Within the first 4 to 5 sentences grab the reader’s attention because that shows personality

Two kinds of Bio- long and short -

Short Bio- 4-5 sentences in your personal profile, linked’ in, Facebook, or 140 characters on your twitter

Long Bio - can be just under 400-500 words combines your achievements, describe your own skills, abilities and achievements.

What should a Bio have

Always be straight to the point no waffling- no fancy words without backing it up

  1. Years and experience demonstrating credibility

  2. List where your strength lies or expertise 1/2 is good- this is the area where your CV is going to focus on.

  3. Speak in the third person

  4. What industry you want to work and what industry you’ve worked in the past

  5. What it is that you want?

  6. Demonstrate your previous role and application of the role. E.g. who you have worked with, names, companies, areas, countries.

  7. Give examples. Who have you worked with? E.g. women entrepreneurs, children to give a taste of what you will talk about in your key skills.

  8. Also demonstrate achievement

So these are my tips on how to write a Professional BIO.  And now by popular demand I’ve designed an online program where you can learn:

more on BIO and Career- strategy.

It starts next week Wed 16thMay.  A 5 weeks program to help  you Find a job that really works for you” and Never run out of job option. It’s worth an exclusive £25 but is totally FREE. Hooray! If you register  between now and Wed 16th you’ll get a free pass. REGISTER HERE

Do you have any techniques that you’ve used in the past that has got you noticed by the right employer?

Otherwise check out my About Me Bio    , leave a comment and your thoughts on Professional Bios.





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