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Is your fear the right motivation?

“Do the thing you fear the most and fear will disappear, do the thing you fear the most and fear will disappear” One more time Mathy.

I’ve heard this quote a thousand time but still can’t remember where it came from. Yes, fear is that truly uncomfortable feeling you feel in the pit of your stomach right before venturing the unknown. For the most part, in my case, THAT means Everything!

I did 6 very uncomfortable things on Friday. 6 things I would rather not do again. I contacted 4 colleges and universities to talk about potentially delivering career transition stories. Then I also followed up on two local newspapers I had previously tried to join for a press release. I got no joy on the second. I almost have to reevaluate whether I was making sense.  “Well how is that uncomfortable?” you ask.

The only other person that knew and understood my agony more than anyone was my stomach. Yeah, my stomach’s name is Eddie. And for the first 10 min Eddie growled in all possible languages. Yet, if Eddie could talk, it would speak fluent Japanese  with all the incorporated kanji symbols. At worst he didn’t embarrass me and make funny noises in the middle of my cold calling. I know he will be growling again next week and the next time I have to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to the unknown.

My personal motivation is that in 2-3 months I will have more regular gigs for career transition stories.  I guess my body is rejecting this unnatural experience.  Almost as if receiving a vaccine. I know it’s good for me but “I’m bloody Afraid”!!!

I'm afraid I'm about to remake a scene from Home alone


As they say it takes 14 days to build a habit. For it to become normal and acceptable to your mind, you must actively do it for 14 days.

Sorry but that’s a lot of rubbish. I think you get use to it but that doesn’t automatically eradicate the fear I think it will take a little longer for the fear to disappear. Like six month maybe. That doesn’t mean you wont know the fear was there in the first place.

So let’s make sure the next time you feel fearful of something take consistent action and maintain it until you feel it is a normal part of you. Until you know longer have the regurgitating feeling inside your stomach. So how about we change that sentence a little bit “Do the thing you fear a little bit, everyday until it feels comfortable and then it will dissolve.” Maybe not disappear.

What motivates you right now when faced with fear? Is it -

  • Money or the lack of it

  • Inferiority complex

  • Status or the lack of it

  • Daily necessities food and clothes

  • A place to live or a better one

  • Relationship or the loss of it

  • Happiness

  • Fear of Failure

Or anything else please share…………..

Count Down 54321….

Tell it

Tell it

Only 4 more days to go before the launch of this event  so excited I can’t sleep. Not that, I ever sleep around this time!? Will be handing a couple of flyers tomorrow around the local area. Next week my business cards will be arriving!!!

Nervousness is also very much on the horizon and as you guessed fear is too. I guess it is a pretty normal reaction when you are going through some serious changes.  I guess it didn’t hit me until now that  what I have been planning and rummaging in my mind might actually manifest into my reality and not into a the sixth dimension episode.

I know most people will not tell you this. Most people try to conceal, or hold together a professional image, and that everything is working according to plan. Sorry, but I don’t think I can. I am not most people and I suck at concealing certain emotions. On this occasion the emotion being fear. I don’t mean that I feel I am incompetent. Not in the slightest.

” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe that despite this particular quote, fear has felt very real to me. After 5 weeks of preparation,organised and premeditated the sequences to this launch every now and again I feel the fear and it’s almost real. but what do I have to lose. So far that has been the motivation. This is the full-time job I have been looking for. It provides me with a sense of passion and purpose that I seek.

So I acknowledge this fear, but I don’t necessarily accept it as my personal reality. Accepting it, might actually mean my personal defeat. And though monetizing has not quite come into place, going back to waking up everyday, on automatic, to a 9-5 is and will be the death of me. I will slowly return to my zombie days. I have never felt more alive, though afraid. Maybe what I should do is; as in the words of Susan Jeffers “feel the Fear and do it anyway”.

Mathy – Excited and Afraid

Excited and Afraid


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