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Social media etiquette, now why didn’t anyone tell me about this when I first started?  It’s a big one, if you’re trying to build a business, personal brand or build connections.

Imagine you are going to a brand new bar or a new place to hang out and you want to make a couple of new friends and you’ve never been there before. So the first thing you do, is you walk into a bar, You grab yourself a drink, you seat around the bar and you scope around to see who’se around, what people are doing and observe people’s attitudes, physical appearance and just observe what’s going on. Then you see a couple who you think “oh they might be interesting to hang out with. So oooo….. you don’t just go up to them and say” Hey I wanna be your friend! Could you be my friend today?“ Huh huh! No, you don’t do that. It’s pretty scary and freaky. It’s pretty much the same thing on social media. When you  are suing social media to build a brand or start a business you’ve got to be mindful of how you approach people. It’s the same thing that you do in a live situation.

Relationship don’t happen overnight. If they do, they’re “one night stands!” You wouldn’t do anything such as hey buy my book. They don’t know you! and have no interest. If I’m ever guilty of this please slap me. I give you permission. I know you have a life changing service or message that could really help someone but remember these are human beings not animals or machines programs

So here’s how you build more than a  can not scare people away.

First- If you want to make friends, Be friendly, Engage, like what they tweet, comment on their post, retweet what they tweet, quote something. Start by that, it’s just like saying hello. Hello doesn’t cost anything but we do it because we want to get personal with that human part.

2. Get interested in them First- What is their business all about? What do they post or tweet about? Why would someone be interested in you if you’re not interested in them first? There’s nooooooooo point.

3.Compliment them! Say something positive about them if you were to meet your favourite movie start for the first time you’d probably say” I love your movies your hair is amazing, you smell nice you know.

4. If you have nothing to say and you can’t find anything to compliment them about? Don’t say anything. There is no reason for you to communicating with someone who frankly, you have no interest in. It just means that the relationship won’t be as genuine as you want. Even if you really want to work with them they might just not be for you. Bottom line is,be genuine in your approach. “They’re people! Not chewing gums”

See you soon!    

Mathy Lisika-Minsende 

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