Creatives fear selling

Creatives fear selling cover

Creatives fear selling like chicken pox  and that’s a fact. What if no one buys? Who’s going to buy my stuff? Let’s handle that fear together, like a boss. So, you have a talent, you’re gifted, now it’s time to share it with the world! Yeaaaaaaah! or maybe not!? Are you afraid that no one’s going to buy your […]

How to grow a business with YouTube.

Miss Tracey and Mathy 2

How to grow a business with YouTube? Today’s interview is with the lovely Tracey Philips. If you have a business or would like to use Youtube to grow your business, this video is perfect for you.  For more free content go to: After being on Youtube for  4 years and not being very consistent […]

I want a boyfriend but nobody wants me-


I want a boyfriend but nobody wants me – Today is a Q&A on relationships, self- love and self-esteem A young lady approached me on youtube the other day and asked my advice on finding the right relationship. I admit I was a little nervous about doing this video but I remember going through a […]